Steve Wohlberg Book Endorsements

Steve Wohlberg's new book The Rapture Delusions is destined to become a "crutch" and a "wash cloth." I am impressed with the real scholarship and accuracy displayed.

Dave MacPherson, researcher, journalist, bestselling author
The Rapture Plot and The Incredible Cover-up

Steve Wohlberg's book The Rapture Delusions is easy to understand and well written. It should prove to be a popular counter to the plethora of preteristic unpredictions as well as pretribulationistic prognostications that plague the beginning of our new millennium.

Dr Francis Nigel Lee. Th.D., Ph.D.
Professor-Emeritus, Queensland Presbyterian Theological College

The Rapture Delusions is truly wonderful! It's the first time in a long while I have seen a work on the last days that stays true to the context of Scripture. Every Christian needs to read it because it will challenge more than just their belief of the last days but will give them the tools to discern truth from Scripture! It does a fantastic job of expressing what I have believed for years!

Pastor Ed Nichols
Newberg Church of the Nazarene
Newberg, Oregon

Steve Wohlberg has presented his case with valid academic and theological challenges to the "Left Behind" novels.

H.L Champion, Evangelist Administrator
Nashville, Tennessee

Steve Wohlberg is one of the most dynamic and impressive spokesmen for the traditional Protestant interpretation of prophecy. I wholeheartedly endorse his latest work.

Val W. Finnell, MD, founder
Historicism Research Foundation, Inc.

To hear proponents of the “Left Behind” theology, one might think their scenarios of the future are held by all Bible scholars and Christians in general. The Rapture Delusions clearly shows this is not the case. Steve Wohlberg has done his homework.

Edward William Fudge
Author, Director of Edward Fudge Ministries

Steve Wohlberg's book The Rapture Delusions is a much-needed addition to the library of works on eschatology. How refreshing to read a thoughtful reply to distorted doctrines too long left unaddressed. I enthusiastically embrace the book. Read it, read it again, and share it with a friend!

Bill Wilton
Pastor, Sunrise Church
McMinnville, Oregon
The Christian Reformed Church in North America

I've studied end-time theories for over 20 years and thought I heard it all, yet The Rapture Delusions masterfully ties mysterious Bible passages together in a fresh, eye-opening way. This book is suited for both the long time prophecy buff, and people just now developing an interest in Bible prophecy.

Don Schaefer
Information Technologies Manager
Euless, Texas

The Rapture Delusions is a concise, refreshing survey of a vitally important aspect of Christian teaching (tit.2:11-15). In the "Babylon (confusion)" of teaching on this subject, this book is a MUST-READ-TITLE for those who are serious about examining the actual words of Scripture which bear upon the "Coming" of Jesus. I warmly recommend The Rapture Delusions as worthy of careful study.

Stefan Slucki, B Th, Dip Min,
Minister of the Presbyterian Church of Australia, Seacliff South Australia.

I found The Rapture Delusions to be a well-written jolt of common sense. Believe the rapture or not, it has affected our culture. The time has come that the Body of Christ needs balance on this issue. Mr. Wohlberg has demonstrated the history of the Rapture concept. This word needs to go out before things get too rough. Where will our faith be when it gets tough here on earth? When this book is published, I'll purchase at least 50 copies and heavily promote it on my website. There's a change coming. The Rapture Delusions is a part of it.

Bill Kalivas
Web Master

The "Left Behind" speculation needs to be counteracted by the simple Word of God and Steve's book does that.

Herb Frizzell, Sr.
Cedar Hill, Texas